Get A Free Amazon Gift Card Code Just For Taking Pictures

Amazon is the top commerce website online, and furthermore, Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon is the richest man in the world. Since Amazon first launched in 1994, it has been a favorite site for shoppers, and business owners who sell their merchandise and products. You can get just about anything on Amazon from food, jewelry, clothes, shoes and more.

The awesome thing is, you can start shopping on Amazon without spending a dime with a free Amazon e-gift card you get from an app called Job Spotter. Job Spotter is a free app by Indeed. Once you download Job Spotter from Google Play or the iPhone App store, you can start earning points/cash to get a free Amazon gift card. The great thing about Job Spotter, it’s an easy simple app, and just about anyone can start earning toward a free amazon gift card.



How it works:

  1. Download the Job Spotter App
  2. When you are out you simply snap photos of hiring signs you see at businesses.
  3. First, you want to take a picture of the hiring sign.
  4. Then you take a picture of the storefront like in the pics above.
  5. Submit the pics.
  6. Receive points up to 100 which are actually cash. For example, if you receive 45 points that is 45 cents.
  7. You can redeem your points for an Amazon e-gift card at any time, for any amount.


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